Combat Information Center

The US Navy Combat Information Center, or CIC, was essential to the USS Intrepid’s operations. 

It served as the primary location on the ship.

The data regarding neighboring planes, ships, and submarines were collected and analyzed. 

Using modern radar technology, CIC sailors could determine if the ships were friendly. 

Combat information center officers were in charge of analyzing the radar information and other data acquired by other stations throughout the ship. 

This data was then compiled and delivered to Intrepid’s administration. 

It delivered every minute of intelligence about the ship’s surroundings.

The data obtained in the CIC was critical in guiding aircraft on missions, helping them to avoid possible risks. 

This information was also used to fire weapons, ensuring the spacecraft could protect itself from dangers. 

The information gathered in the Aegis combat information center was also used to manage the ship during challenging times. 

This was particularly important when there was less vision, such as during rainy weather or in locations with marine activity.

As you tour the CIC, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ship’s operations and the important role that the facility played in ensuring the safety and success of the USS Intrepid and its crew.


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What can you expect?

The Combat Information Center (CIC) of the USS Intrepid’s equipment is displayed at the Intrepid Museum. 

Visitors can view the equipment through glass doors or behind glass walls. 

Original radar scopes and a vertical plotting board where the crew recorded the movements of ships and aircraft are on exhibit. 

The equipment is all gray, and the only other color here is the red vinyl seats and seat backs of chairs the crew sat on.

Directions to Combat Information Center

Follow these directions to locate the (CIC) combat information center at the Intrepid Museum:

  • Enter the hangar deck from the Tower 1 gangway (bridge) and turn right.
  • Pass through the huge steam accumulator pipes, the commissioning bell, the optical landing system, and the ship propeller.
  • Turn left just before the Avenger airplane and cross to the opposite side of the hangar deck. 
  • Find the “knee knocker” (a raised, oval-shaped entrance) and enter through it. 
  • Climb two flights of a steep, narrow staircase known as a Navy ladder. 
  • Step through another knee knocker at the top of the stairway and turn right immediately to cross another knee knocker inside the CIC.


1. What is the Combat Information Center (CIC)?

It is the major area on the USS Intrepid where data on neighbouring planes, ships, and submarines is collected and analysed.

2. What role does the CIC play in guiding aircraft and ensuring the ship’s safety?

The information provided by the CIC served as vital for guiding aircraft on missions and avoiding potential hazards. 

It is also used to fire weaponry to protect the ship.

3. What is displayed in the Combat Information Center at the Intrepid Museum?

Visitors can view real radar scopes as well as a vertical plotting board that was once used to track ship and aircraft movements.

4. How can I find the Combat Information Center at the Intrepid Museum?

Enter the hangar deck from the Tower 1 gangway and follow the directions provided, including passing through notable landmarks, to locate the CIC.

5. What can I expect to see inside the Combat Information Center exhibit?

Inside the CIC exhibit, you can view the equipment behind glass doors or walls, including radar scopes and seating used by the crew.

Featured Image: IntrepidMuseum.org

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