Hanger Deck

Step onboard the hangar deck at Intrepid Museum display room for a remarkable journey through history. 

This historical journey immerses you in the aircraft carrier hangar deck’s interesting past and innovative developments. 

The exhibition space is divided into two different areas.

On the left, you’ll learn about Intrepid Hangar Deck’s unique technology. 

Experience interactive exhibitions and artifacts, and hear recordings that show the internal operations.

On the right, you’ll discover the true tales of the heroic men and women who lived and served on the Intrepid hangar deck. 

Experience their daily struggles and achievements through interesting exhibits that express their experiences. 

The Intrepid’s hangar deck features different galleries with changing displays. 

Also, the permanent exhibition ensures there is always something new to discover.

These temporary exhibits provide new insights into the Intrepid hangar deck’s history and its importance.


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Exhibits at Hangar Deck

1. Kamikaze (Beyond The Fire)

It is an interactive multimedia experience that takes you on a thrilling journey. 

Learn about the history and consequences of kamikaze assaults through stories and artifacts. 

Discover the bravery of the young men who took part in this war, as well as the impact that they made.

2. Fo’c’sle

The fo’C’sle, the ship’s front part, is now open to tourists, allowing an exclusive glimpse into its past. 

Step inside the anchor chain chamber to see the great size and strength of the chains that secure Intrepid’s anchors. 

Explore the dormitory-style accommodations for junior officers and spacious cabins for higher-ranking officers. 

These spaces are accessible to the public for the first time, providing an insight into life on the ship. 

Immerse yourself in the past and the daily lives of individuals.

3. The Story of Intrepid Movie

An 8-minute film that dives into the history of the famous USS Intrepid plane carrier. 

This film reveals the story of the Intrepid, from its beginnings during World War II to a famous museum.

The movie depicts the story of this legendary ship by combining interviews with former crew members with ancient stories.

4. The Exploreum

The Exploreum is a dynamic, interactive display room in Intrepid’s hangar museum. 

The Exploreum is an absolute must-see attraction that ensures an unforgettable experience.

Climb aboard a genuine Bell 47 helicopter, making you feel like a professional pilot. 

Discover the secrets as you explore an interactive submarine.

But there’s more! Take control of your flying desires by steering an airplane’s wings. 

The Exploreum blends education and fun, providing a unique adventure.


1.What is the Intrepid Museum Hangar Deck?

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum’s Hangar Deck is the center of activity. 

The Hangar Deck features many exhibits and interactive displays.

2. What can I expect to see on the Intrepid Hangar Deck?

Explore historical aircraft, interactive exhibits, and items that demonstrate the creative developments and operations of the aircraft carrier hangar deck.

3. How does the Intrepid Hangar Deck cater to both history enthusiasts and aviation enthusiasts?

The Hangar deck provides a balance of historical context and a collection of aircraft, technology, and flight experiences.

4. Are there any exclusive areas or features on the Hangar Deck?

Yes, tourists can enjoy special and exclusive experiences in the Exploreum and the Fo’c’sle area.

5. Where can I buy tickets to the Intrepid Museum?

You can buy tickets to the Intrepid museum here. (add ticket link)

Featured Image: IntrepidMuseum.org

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