Intrepid Museum Store

The Intrepid Museum Store is a must-see destination for aviation and space lovers. 

Within the museum, the Intrepid Museum gift shop offers a wide selection of souvenirs and merchandise. 

Inspired by the museum’s rich history, science, and technology. 

The store has something for everyone, from model airplanes to space-themed items the stores at Intrepid Museum has it all. 

Discover the wonders of aviation and space by visiting the Intrepid Museum Store. 

Take home a special piece of Intrepid’s legacy with a unique collection of gifts.


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1. Welcome Center Gift Shop

The Intrepid Museum’s Welcome Centre gift shop is a haven for fans of history, science, and technology. 

Explore a fantastic variety of items inspired by the museum’s exhibitions to enter a world of aviation and marine adventures. 

Step into the shop and explore the vast array of products they have to offer. 

From classic model airplanes to flight suits specially designed for young aspiring pilots. 

Take advantage of the collection of shirts featuring iconic images and designs that will make you stand out in style.

The Welcome Centre gift shop has something for everyone, whether looking for a unique souvenir or a thoughtful gift. 

Through this, you can take a piece of the museum’s incredible history home with you.

Location: Welcome Center, 1st Floor

2. Space Shuttle Pavilion Store

Visit the Space Shuttle Pavilion store inside the Intrepid Museum to get an in-depth understanding of the wonders of space. 

This intrepid museum gift store is heaven for space enthusiasts, with an extensive inventory of gifts and items.

Explore a collection of miniature space shuttles that display the incredible engineering of these legendary spacecraft. 

Dive into the cosmos’ wonders with books that explore the universe’s glory. 

Also, take advantage of the galaxy-print socks and famous NASA gear, perfect for showing your passion for space exploration.

Location: Flight deck of the ship

Gift Shops near Intrepid Museum

Intrepid Museum’ neighbourhood has some of the best gift shops that serves as an ideal place if you want to get a souvenir or arts and crafts related to the Museum.

Here’s a list of some best gift shops near Intrepid Museum:

1. Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards, located a short distance from the Intrepid Museum, is a shopping center with various boutiques and specialty stores. 

It’s an excellent location for finding unique souvenirs related to the museum and its exhibitions. 

You’ll find a variety of goods that represent the spirit of the Intrepid, from aviation-themed merchandise to historical relics. 

Hudson Yards have it all, whether you’re shopping for model airplanes, clothes, books, or collectibles.

Location: Hudson Yards

2. Delphinium Home

Delphinium Home
Image: Timeout.com

Delphinium Home is a beautiful store located near the Intrepid Museum. 

It provides a fantastic collection of stylish and unique items for your living space, making it a haven for home decor lovers. 

Delphinium Home is a beautiful store of inspiration, with everything from elegant furniture to gorgeous decorative items.

Delphinium Home’s curated collection of home products is perfect for putting a touch of aesthetic to your space or finding a gift for someone dear.

Location: Delphinium Home

3. Domus

Domus, located near the Intrepid Museum, is a lovely tiny shop specializing in handcrafted home products and gifts. 

Domus is a unique shop for people looking for distinctive and handcrafted items, with a collection of products worldwide. 

You’ll find various high-quality products that showcase craftsmanship and creativity.

Location: Domus

4. The Perfect Gift Inc

The Perfect Gift Inc is a beautiful store specializing in gourmet gift baskets. 

It consists of delicious NYC bites and delightful souvenirs. 

Whether you’re celebrating something specific or simply want to surprise someone with a taste of New York. 

Their beautifully crafted gift baskets are a perfect gift.

Each product is carefully chosen to highlight the taste and spirit of the city.

The Perfect Gift Inc, with a vast range of options for every taste and preference, is the ideal location for finding that perfect gift that captures the essence of New York.

Location: The Perfect Gift


1. How many stores are there near the Intrepid Museum?

There are Various stores near the Intrepid Museum that provides a variety of merchandise and gifts.

2. Can I find unique and locally made products in these stores?

Some stores near the Intrepid Museum sell unique and locally manufactured items, allowing you to support local artisans while shopping for one-of-a-kind items.

3. Where is the Space Shuttle Pavilion Store located?

The Space Shuttle Pavilion Store is on the Intrepid Museum’s flight deck, offering space fans an immersive experience.

4. What kind of items can I find at the Space Shuttle Pavilion Store?

Explore and buy tiny space shuttles, literature on space exploration, galaxy-print socks, and NASA apparel at the Space Shuttle Pavilion Store.

5. Where is the Welcome Center Gift Shop located?

The Welcome Centre Gift Shop is on the first floor of the Intrepid Museum.

6. What can I expect to find at the Welcome Center Gift Shop?

The Welcome Centre Gift Shop sells a variety of things, such as model aircraft, flight suits, shirts, and unique souvenirs commemorating the museum’s exhibitions.

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