Space Shuttle Pavilion

The majestic Intrepid Museum Space Shuttle Pavilion is a tribute to Space Shuttle Enterprise. 

It also helped NASA launch the Space Shuttle program. 

You can immerse yourself in the exciting world of Enterprise and the space shuttle pavilion in New York.

There are 17 dynamic exhibit zones loaded with original artifacts, engaging photos, audio, and films. 

Step into the astronaut’s shoes and embark on a trip that reveals the science and history of this incredible spaceship. 

Prepare to be inspired as you see Enterprise’s legacy and the incredible feats of the space shuttle pavilion era come to life before your eyes.


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Content and Exhibits

The Space Shuttle Pavilion has an immersive environment. 

Visitors can hear conversations between Enterprise pilots and mission control during flight tests. 

Discover a variety of displays that explore the space shuttle’s design. 

It honors the outstanding abilities that went into the shuttle program. 

Visitors can walk directly under the orbiter, providing a close view of its vast size and tech wonder. 

Visitors can admire Enterprise from a higher perspective on an elevated platform for a fantastic view. 

Also located in the Pavilion is a space-flown Soyuz TMA-6 space capsule. 

It encourages visitors to compare these two spacecraft and wonder about the evolution of space exploration.

Enterprise’s Journey to the Intrepid Museum

Enterprise’s Journey to the Intrepid Museum
Image: Nypost.com

In 2012 The Intrepid Museum successfully relocated the space shuttle Enterprise to its new location. 

Enterprise was transported on a specially modified airplane from Washington, DC, to JFK Airport. 

Then it was gently put onto a boat for a trip down the Hudson River. 

It passed through notable monuments, including the Statue of Liberty. 

On 19 July, during the SpaceFest celebration, the Space Shuttle Pavilion was finally unveiled to the public. 

Unfortunately, the Pavilion was damaged by Hurricane Sandy later that year. 

It reopened in July 2013 once the restoration was complete. 

This great journey and the museum’s commitment to sharing the mysteries of space travel are inspiring.


1. What is the Space Shuttle Pavilion?

It is a display area at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum that features the space shuttle Enterprise and the history of the space shuttle programme.

2. What can I see in the Space Shuttle Pavilion?

Original artefacts, images, audio, and films from the Enterprise and space shuttle era. 

You can walk also underneath the orbiter or view it from an elevated platform.

3. How did Enterprise arrive at the Intrepid Museum?

It was flown from Washington, DC to JFK Airport on board a specially configured 747 NASA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. 

It was then brought to the museum via boat down the Hudson River.

4. What makes the Space Shuttle Pavilion unique?

It provides a close-up look of the space shuttle Enterprise as well as interactive exhibits that showcase the shuttle’s design and the qualified individuals who work on it.

5. Are there special events associated with the Space Shuttle Pavilion?

Yes, there are occasionally special events like SpaceFest with astronaut appearances, NASA exhibits, concerts, and movie screenings.

Featured Image: Monsieurmadameexplore.com

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