USS growler submarine

The USS Growler, a retired American guided missile submarine, has remained open to the public at the Intrepid Museum since 1989. 

It is the only submarine in the United States that visitors can explore. 

The Submarine USS Growler provides a unique opportunity for museum visitors to experience life inside a submarine and get a close-up look at the once “top-secret” missile command center. 

Visitors to the Growler can explore several submarine compartments and see how they were used during operations. 

This includes the missile command center, formerly a highly classified area of the submarine. 

During the Cold War, the Growler’s missile command center was in charge of firing nuclear missiles, and visitors could look at the equipment and technology used to carry out this vital duty. 

In addition to the missile command center, visitors can see the crew quarters, galley, and engine room. 

The USS Growler Museum provides an inside look at the restricted space and challenging conditions submariners experience through their missions.


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Features of the Submarine USS Growler

Control Room & Attack Center

The crew members of USS Growler ssg 577 steered the submarine from the three seats in the submarine’s control room. 

This part of the submarine was important since it allowed the crew to monitor and manage the systems. 

The room’s center holds USS Growler’s two periscopes, which were used by the crew to look at the water’s surface. 

The periscopes were crucial for both the submarine’s navigation and spotting nearby ships. 

The control room was a busy and compact environment, with crew members working in close quarters to guarantee the submarine’s safe functioning. 

Visitors can view this essential section of the submarine and understand what operating in such a demanding environment is like.

AFT Torpedo Room

AFT Torpedo Room
Image: Reddit.com

The USS Growler’s interior had two torpedo rooms, one at the front (bow) of the submarine and the other at the back (stern). 

The torpedoes were meant to be used for self-defense. Nine bunk beds for crew members were also located in the torpedo room. 

The bunks were small and crowded, with limited space for personal things. 

The crew members who slept in the torpedo room maintained the torpedoes and ensured they were ready for use if needed. 

In the case of an emergency, crew members had to operate quickly and effectively in the submarine’s torpedo room. 

Visitors can tour this critical part of the submarine and experience working and living in such a small environment.

Crew’s Mess

The crew’s mess, or dining room, was where men ate their meals on the USS Growler. 

Crew members would rest, play games and watch films in this area. 

The galley, a tiny kitchen where Submarine USS Growler’s cooks made all of the crew’s meals, was next to the crew’s mess. 

The galley was a small and tight place with limited equipment and storage. 

Due to restricted resources, the cooks had to be resourceful in their food planning. 

Despite the difficulties, the crew’s mess and galley were vital to the submarine, giving a spot for crew members to get together and enjoy a meal or a moment of rest.


1. Can visitors go inside the USS Growler submarine?

Yes, visitors at the Intrepid Museum are welcome to tour the USS Growler’s interior. 

It provides an unforgettable chance to experience life inside a submarine and learn about its interesting history.

2. What can visitors expect to see in the USS Growler’s control room?

Visitors can observe the submarine’s steering mechanisms and the two periscopes used for navigation and spotting neighboring ships in the control room. 

In addition, they can discover the crew’s duties in this crucial region of the submarine.

3. Can visitors visit the crew’s mess and galley on the USS Growler?

Yes, guests are welcome to explore the crew’s mess, where crewmen ate their meals and entertained themselves. 

The submarine’s galley is nearby, where the cooks cook meals for the crew. 
It details the crew’s interactions and daily activities while in the submarine

4. What is the significance of the torpedo room on the USS Growler?

The torpedo room was essential for self-defense. Visitors can observe the crew’s bunk beds and torpedoes in this compartment. 

It gives insight into the difficulties and duties of submariners in emergencies.

5. How much time should I allocate to explore the USS Growler?

The time required to examine the USS Growler submarine depends on the individual’s interests. 

Visitors often explore the submarine and its many compartments for 30 to 60 minutes. 

You are, however, free to explore at your leisure.

6. Can visitors take photographs inside the USS Growler submarine?

Yes, it usually is allowed for guests to take pictures inside the USS Growler submarine. 

However, flash photography and tripods may be forbidden to preserve the artifacts and other visitors’ safety.

Featured Image: IntrepidMuseum.org

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